Funeral Options

Tailoring Funeral Arrangements

Increasingly funerals are becoming more about celebrating the life of the loved one. It is our role to help families honour the life of the deceased in an individual and special way.

We are well known for our flexibility and willingness to accommodate all requests possible. Our 95 year experience also enables us to provide guidance if requested.

Key Questions to Consider

The funeral arrangement process considers the following questions.

  • When should the funeral take place?
  • In what venue should the funeral be held? Eg funeral home, crematorium chapel, church or family home.
  • Is burial or cremation preferred?
  • Is a vehicle desired to transport family members?
  • What music is to be played?
  • Who will lead the service on the day of the funeral? Eg civil celebrant, minister, priest, rabbi, monk, master of ceremonies.
  • What type of flowers (if any) is to appear on the coffin?
  • What shape, colour and type (timber, particle board, metal) of coffin is to be selected?
  • Are refreshments to be served after the service, and where?

We make the process of arranging a funeral easier by helping you answer these questions.

Selecting a Celebrant

Selecting the right funeral celebrant is very important. The performance and suitability of the person who leads the celebration of the loved one’s life directly impacts the family’s funeral experience.

Jensen Funerals is able to select from a preferred group of civil and religious celebrants of different personality type, background and style. Optimally matching the style of the celebrant with the style desired by the family is a key skill for a funeral director and one which directly influences the level of client satisfaction with the funeral experience.

Jensen Funerals is supported by a hand-picked group of celebrants – both civil and religious – who are regularly acclaimed by clients.

Melbourne Funeral Costs

Fees may vary according to the type and the length of service desired. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation home visit and quotation. If you prefer we can explain our fees over the phone or send you a letter. The choice is up to you.

All of our quotations are itemised so that you are clear about all of the individual services.

GST is included in each item. We do not leave out GST from each item and the add GST at the end..

Being family run, we have the flexibility to tailor our prices to the services required and to the funds available. Our fees are very competitive and our service is boutique rather than corporatised.