Our Personalised Approach

Friendly and competent, we make the funeral process easier. Our approach is simple – we impress clients by being personalised, dependable and caring

Impressing Clients

Clients should be more than “satisfied” with our service – they should be “impressed”. However sad the funeral may be, clients should still be treated to an impressive experience. We provide that impressive experience.

Personalised Approach

Our personalised approach is achieved by continuity in the client/consultant relationship. This means that you will have the same consultant for the duration of your relationship with Jensen Funerals.

The funeral process usually consists of – the initial discussion where we are notified of the death -transferring the deceased into our care – arranging the funeral – mortuary preparation – conducting the funeral.

We believe it is easier for a client to deal with the same consultant throughout the funeral process rather than having to re-explain details to multiple consultants or meet an entirely different consultant on the day of the funeral.

Family owned and operated and not too large, we are able to provide continuity in the relationship with clients.


A funeral is a very final event which means there is only one chance to get it right. We recognise the funeral must be carried out completely in accordance with the wishes of those arranging the funeral. Jensen Funerals has a 95 year reputation for honouring the wishes of your loved one, family and friends.

We also have the hands-on experience to provide informed guidance when required.


We have a strong social responsibility to those with limited means to ensure that every funeral is conducted with dignity and respect. Jensen Funerals is well known for carrying out funerals for “whatever funds are available”.

We are equally well known for the care we take in fulfilling the client’s special personal, religious or cultural needs.