The Quang Minh Temple

Jensen Funerals, at the request of and with the assistance of Senior Venerable Phuoc Tan O.A.M. and Tony Le Nguyen of Quang Minh Temple Braybrook have developed funeral packages for the benefit of Temple members.

Basic Buddhist Package

From $3,250 includes all requirements for a simple Buddhist service. This price represents a saving of $740 from Jensen Standard Pricing. To support the Quang Minh Temple and its good work, Ern Jensen Funerals are able to make a modest donation in addition to the saving given to the family.

It is important to know that a loved relative can be given proper respect when they pass away, even if money is limited.

If services are to be organised, there are many important facts of which the family need to be aware.


Appropriate times for the funeral events are of utmost priority. Times of availability of facilities can be discussed with Jensen Funerals and these proposed times can be then taken to the Quang Minh Temple where they can be matched, so they are most appropriate to the deceased person.

Funeral Garments

At Jensen Funerals, St Albans we carry a range of funeral garments, both for the deceased and family mourners.


All important Buddhist symbols are provided by Jensen Funerals.


The family need to provide only the food offering consumables, flowers for vases and a photo of the deceased.

Refreshment Room

If services are held at Jensen Funerals, St Albans facility a large refreshment room is provided for the use of family and their respectful guests.

    At Jensen Funerals we:

  • Register the death on behalf of family
  • Collect all the required information
  • Make booking times appropriate to need
  • Liaise with Temple, Crematorium and Cemetery etc

In this way, the stress is reduced for the family.